Slobodan Mašić

Slobodan Mašić poster for Yugoslav Drama Theatre

Slobodan Mašić was Serbian graphic designer, architect and independent publisher. He graduated from the Faculty of Architecture at Belgrade University in 1964. Together with his wife Saveta Mašić, Marija Čudin , Leonid Šejka , Boro Ćosić and Dragoš Kalajić , he founded Independent Publications in 1966. From his student days, Slobodan Mašić was an active member of the Belgrade cultural scene.

Together with his wife, Slobodan Mašić created the famous logo of the Belgrade Bitef Theater Festival and annual film festival - Fest. His poster production was not so large. For 50 years long career he made eighty works. But all of them are very significent and masterpiece. They were made for some of the key cultural manifestations of the Serbian cultural industry of the time.

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